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Brucite in the application of friction lining and sealing material

ON : 01-Jan-1970

In friction lining

Brucite fiber is used in producing the friction lining of motor vehicles and mechanical brake. Brucite fiber is a reinforcing material replacing asbestos fiber. Other ingredients container steel fiber, rubber powder, chromite powder, wollastonite, graphite, vermiculite powder, resin etc. The finished product is got by hot pressing and grinding.

In sealing material

The raw materials contains Nitrile rubber powder, organic fiber, inorganic fiber, various additives, fillers, and pigments.  The invention has the advantages of convenient production, high efficiency, environmental protection, low production cost. The proportion of ingredients is as below:

Nitrile rubber powder


Organic fiber

1-10%  aramid fiber

1-10%  cellulose

Inorganic fiber

30-60% sepiolite

0-10%  aluminum silicate

0-10%  brucite


1-5%   vulcanizing ingredient

0.1-2% lead stearate

0.1-2% N, n '- double (- benzene and thiazole dithiocarbamate) piperazine


1-10%  calcium carbonate

0-10%  barium sulfate

0-10%  kaolin


0-5%   carbon black

0-2%   chromium oxide

0-2%   red