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Chrysotile asbestos can be used safely in the building

ON : 01-Jan-1970

Swiss famous inhalation toxicology experts, David M. Bernstein, introduces his experimental result from the angle of toxicology.  After chrysotile asbestos is inhaled into the animal lungs, it will be engulfed by macrophages or excreted automatically in about 10 days. In all the inorganic fiber materials,chrysotile asbestos is detained for the shortest time in the animal body. So actually chrysotile asbestos is the safest fiber relatively in all the inorganic fiber materials.

Chrysotile asbestos has the features of thermal insulation, heat preservation, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, soft fiber, fine fiber, good spinnability etc. Because of the excellent properties,it cannot be replaced by any other fiber. Chrysotile asbestos has good adsorbability with high surface value. It also has good affinity with plastics, rubber, cement, asphalt materials etc. The processing performance is very superior.

Chrysotile asbestos is mainly used in textile products, brake products, sealing products, cement products and all kinds of asphalt products and building materials. It is also widely used in aviation, aerospace and other top end industries and emerging industries. Due to the extensive use and the excellent performance, chrysotile asbestos  has been widely used by humans for centuries, and is the mineral fiber used for the longest time .