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Different function of mica powder

ON : 01-Jan-1970

The different types of mica powder are actually different. Today, let's share the role of different types of mica powder!

The most used mica powder is used in the welding electrode industry, generally using 20-60 mesh mica powder.

We will explain according to the number of specifications from small to large: 60-325 mesh wet mica powder can be used in mica ceramics, and because the dielectric strength of wet mica powder is relatively high, so its dielectric strength is relatively large. It can be used for a long time at a high temperature of 350 degrees without bursting.

Then 200-1250 mesh wet mica powder is used for paint coating admixture, because wet mica powder has a pearlescent effect, can also enhance the acid and alkali resistance of the coating, and can greatly improve the frost resistance and compactness of the coating. performance.